March 11, 2020 Patrick

Maloba returns

Nairobi City Stars

After weeks out, Nairobi City Stars offensive midfielder Oliver Maloba is back at the club.

Maloba, whose trail had gone cold on the club since the second week of February, met the club honchos on Monday and after lengthy discussions was allowed back in training starting on Tuesday.

Speaking on the matter club CEO Patrick Korir said;

“We chose to take a pragmatic view of the matter. After productive talks we have accepted his apology and he is now back in training,”

Upon meeting his team-mates in Tuesday sessions a remorseful Maloba said;

“I apologies to the club and my fellow players for staying out without communicating. Let’s leave what happened behind. I am back and fully committed to give my all to keep the ship sailing.”

Maloba has now been challenged by head coach Sanjin Alagic to work his way back to the team as his position has already been grabbed by other deserving players.

“Staying out for a month means all work done since July last year is lost. He has another few weeks to work on basics then work his way up to the team.”

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