April 8, 2020 Patrick Korir

Second schedule of home workouts

Eric Ochieng (No. 13), Noah Abich, Tedian Atuto (No. 6), Levis Opiyo (in orange)

City Stars players have been put on a second schedule of work-from-home exercises as Corona Virus pandemic continues to render normal programming an impossibility.

With Covid-19 still in our wake, and with league games still suspended indefinitely, head coach Sanjin Alagic has rolled on to a second set of home workouts for all players.

Stabilization exercises such as various planks, strength exercises ranging from weighted squats, push ups, etal, running as well as selected technical exercises for the rest of April, are all part of the second schedule which is an advancement of the first schedule issued out in the third week of March. The fresh one overruns the former.

In observation of Ministry of Health guidelines, no player is allowed to visit any public places to have their workouts.

According to the coach, home workouts “will continue till a time when normalcy returns.”