July 19, 2021 Patrick Korir

Onto John Amboko

Arthur Museve, Sanjin Alagic, John Amboko preparing for team training in March 2020 at Camp Toyoyo

Following the exit of coach Sanjin Alagic at the expiry of his contract, the coaching role at Nairobi City Stars now sits with club legend John Amboko.

Amboko, who has been part and parcel of City Stars since inception in 2003 as a player all through to 2017, save for 2013 when joined AFC Leopards, was officially handed the role during a farewell party for Sanjin on Sunday.

Speaking after taking over, Amboko had this to say;

“I want to let you know how much I appreciate this recent promotion to Head Coach. This is a viable opportunity; one that will give me a chance at considerable growth and advancement to move the team to the next higher level,”

“The confidence that the entire office has put in my abilities means a great deal to me. I highly value your trust and will work hard to keep it,”

“The direction and advice of our former Head coach Sanjin Alagic have been extremely beneficial to me. He has helped me to build upon my professional strengths, and to increase my efficiency in weaker areas. I am truly grateful for his support,”

“I look forward to the new challenges and opportunities for growth that this position will afford me. Thanks again, for your help and trust. I will do my very best to surpass your expectations of me.” added Amboko

Speaking at the function, exiting Sanjin had this to say of John;

“John is ready. He was a real good student for the last two years. He was the guy who was always ready to learn, always taking notes. He asked all the questions when no one else did,”

“I believe he has the quality to be a good head coach. I believe he will do a good job, I am sure about that.” added Sanjin

Club owner Jonathan Jackson, while echoing Sanjin’s sentiments, urged the entire City Stars setup to support Amboko.

“You have great accolades from Sanjin. And I expect all of you to follow him and be obedient to him and to follow his recommendations on what he asks you to do so that we maintain the family unity.”

Amboko is not new to the coaching role at City Stars. He handled five games in the 2017 season while in the second-tier National Super League after the then head coach Robert Matano moved to Bidco United. It was at a point he was transitioning from a player to the dugout.

He held forte for those few games before handing it over to Abdul Semadu in that season.

But in the 2018 season, Amboko was in charge of all 38 games leading City Stars to an incredible seventh-placed finish.

He continued his coaching into the transitional 2018 where he clocked the first ten games as coach before letting Ugandan Jimmy Kintu take charge. Following Kintu’s exist, Amboko added another six games to bring his tally of games coached at City Stars while in the NSL to 57.

Amboko’s first task as head coach is an away game against Vihiga United in a round 27 Premier League game on Wednesday 21 July 2021 starting at 1 pm at the ASK Nakuru showground.

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