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Head-to-head: Tusker (H) vs Nairobi City Stars (A): 2022/23 FKF Premier League season

City Stars

On Sunday 27 November 2022 champions Tusker FC will host Nairobi City Stars in Ruaraka in a matchday two tie in the 2022-23 FKF Premier League starting at 3 pm.

It will be game no. 29 in the top flight between the two since the year 2003, but game 15 with Tusker as the home team.

From the previous 14 games away to Tusker, Simba wa Nairobi has managed five wins, three draws, and lost the other six.

It will be the seventh time that City Stars will be hosted in Ruaraka by Tusker after visits in 2004, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2021, and the last visit in mid-January 2022 where City Stars won 1-0 thanks to a late Oliver Maloba lob over Patrick Matasi.

Head coach Nicholas Muyoti will once again be in charge, and for a third straight time come up against his counterpart Robert Matano.

In between the upcoming game and the one in January, City Stars met Tusker at the same venue in May 2022. It ended 0-0.

Into the game, Tusker carries a 2-1 win over Kakamega Homeboyz as City Stars goes in with a 2-0 loss to Bidco United.


City Stars away games vs Tusker; Wins (5), Draws (3), Loses (6). Total – 14

17-Oct-04; Tusker vs World Hope, 1-0 (L)
2-Jul-06; Tusker vs World Hope, 1-0 (L)
21-Jul-07; Tusker vs World Hope, 3-1 (L)
20-Aug-08; Tusker vs World Hope, 0-2 (W)
4-Apr-09; Tusker vs City Stars, 1-1 (D)
9-May-10Tusker vs City Stars, 1-0 (L)
17-Jul-11; Tusker vs City Stars, 2-1 (L)
11-Feb-12; Tusker vs City Stars, 2-1 (L)
20-Sep-13; Tusker vs City Stars, 2-3 (W)
19-Sep-14; Tusker vs City Stars, 1-1 (D)
21-Aug-15; Tusker vs City Stars, 0-1 (W)
23-Oct-16; Tusker vs City Stars, 1-1 (D)
30-Jul-21; Tusker vs City Stars, 0-1 (W)
16-Jan-22; Tusker vs City Stars, 0-1 (W)
27-Nov-22; Tusker vs City Stars, ??

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