September 15, 2023 Patrick Korir

Edwin Buliba: My meeting made me better

Edwin Buliba in a past league game in Kasarani Annex

Defender Edwin Buliba has revealed what made him a dependable player for Nairobi City Stars in the 2022-23 FKF Premier League season.

Buliba, a natural center-back clocked a record 23 games last term in his newfound position as a right-back and only failed to complete one owing to a red card against Mathare United in the first leg.

It was the first time in his five years with Nairobi City Stars that he featured in more than ten games in a season.

He recorded 2,051 regular time minutes last season which was a vast improvement to the 766 minutes earned in the 2021-22 FKF Premier League season from nine games.

“After that (2021-22) season I called myself to a meeting for a review that is after searching for answers. The outcome was very positive as I realized where I had been going wrong,”

“It dawned on me that I wasn’t investing in myself at all. I wasn’t eating well and right, and was not doing anything extra to improve my conditioning which left me on the injury list time and again,”

“I improved my nutrition, and with the advice of Sven (Yidah), I hit the gym for guided training to improve my conditioning. That combination made me a much better player and it explains why I had an injury-free season.” added Buliba

Buliba was only one of four Simba wa Nairobi players to have clocked over 2,000 minutes last season. He registered three assists, and one second assist.

Edwin Buliba

Edwin Buliba against Muhoroni Youth on Sun 27 Aug 2023 in Kasarani Annex

Edwin Buliba, City Stars

Edwin Buliba, City Stars

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