June 10, 2020 Patrick

City Stars dig into archives for stats

Defender Wycliffe Otieno training ahead of a past game for City Stars

Promoted Nairobi City Stars is at the collection point for all its past statistics.

According to team coordinator Samson Otieno and CEO Patrick Korir, stats gives a rare view that’s important as the team forges forward.

“Reasons for collecting stats are varied but in our case at City Stars we want to capture trends by looking at past seasons,”

“This will help in identifying important events as we look ahead to upcoming seasons.” said Samson

For the CEO, numbers will help identify,among others, the legends of the clubs.

“I have always been curious about numbers and hence the City Stars retrospective numbers search. For example who is the team’s all-time top scorer, assist provider? Which are the bogey teams? Who played the most games across the top leagues and second tier?

“Assembling the stats will give us an analytic start point as a view backwards guides us going forward. It will also help identify the true legends of the club.” said Korir

In relating to the mission at hand, Samson revisited the 2018/19 season where the team was fighting relegation.

“In that season the team had only one win and just 11 points after 20 rounds of play with just one clean sheet and deep in relegation danger. It guided us in mid season transfer signings to a point the team survived the chop,”

“Once we have the stats we will share them with our followers to help understand the team better.” added Samson

City Stars recent elevation back to the top tier ended four seasons in second tier cold.

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