February 16, 2022 Patrick Korir

Budgeting and Debt management lessons for City Stars players

JJF Business Development Manager (BDM) taking Nairobi City Stars players through Budgeting and Debt management topics at World Hope on Tue 15 Feb 2022

The Jonathan Jackson Foundation (JJF), called in Nairobi City Stars players, members of the technical as well as management team, for a workshop themed “How to budget and manage debts”.

The seminar, held at the World Hope Centre on Tuesday 15 February 2021, handed the City Stars family vital tips on financial management which anchored on credit access.

The latest topic follows up on two others within the last four months where players were encouraged to venture into business and handed tips on how to save.

“The objective of the meet-up was to motivate NCS players and bench to adopt a budgeting habit and to be financially conscious when it comes to credit as this will make their financial goals achievable,” said Randy Ochieng, the JJF Business Development Manager who spearheaded the seminar


JJF CEO Diana Sifuna drummed up the context of the ongoing seminars to City Stars family that will, on average, be held each month tackling important topics at a time

“JJF seeks to empower women, youth and people abled differently.
The Foundations’ work revolves around three pillars; Economic empowerment, humanitarian aid and sports,”

“The Foundation therefore, through the economic pillar, aims to help grow individual and group enterprises by training the members on best entrepreneurial practices that are sustainable and to also encourage the creation of sustainable jobs,”

“Getting to business for those yet to, and growing what already existing bussinesses, tackling how and the need to save, as well as budgetting and debt management are just part of the areas we wish to enlighten Nairobi City Stars players on,”


Part of the sub topics tackled included factors one has to consider before chosing to borrow to avoid being victims of it, challenges of borrowing which is a real concern.

Debt delinquency, which is when payment is not made by the due date or the end of the. “grace period” as established in a loan or repayment, was a sub topic covered.

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