December 7, 2021 Patrick Korir

City Stars opts for Eco-friendly hydration

City Stars chair Jonathan Jackson handing over reusable bottles to Nairobi City Stars head coach Nicholas Muyoti at Ligi Ndogo on Fri 3 Dec 2021

As the saying goes; “Staying hydrated is essential but using one-off plastic bottles is not.”

It’s from that adage that Nairobi City Stars has opted to introduce reusable water bottles across its team setup, from players to the management, for Eco-Friendly hydration!

On that front, Simba wa Nairobi Chair and bankroller Jonathan Jackson handed out steel water bottles to each member of the team for use going forward.

With the steel bottles, Jonathan has put a stop to the use of one-off plastic bottles by City Stars – save for only during matches due to hygiene.

“Hydration is very important, but rather buy plastic bottles that can easily be left behind to litter the environment, why not carry around your own reusable water bottle?

“This is the reason City Stars are taking a stand and discontinuing use of single-use plastic bottles. From now on each team member will carry around a reusable bottle,”

“Plastic pollution needs to be taken very seriously because, without elaborate recycling plans, it’s a slow way of wreaking havoc to our environment and by extension out planet. We need to put a stop to it hence our choice as City stars to adopt eco-friendly water bottles. I highly encourage more teams to follow suit.” added Jonathan

City Stars

Attacking-mid Rowland ‘Babu’ Makati receives his bottle from assistant coach and club legend John Amboko

Nairobi City Stars captain Anthony Kimani receiving his water bottle from head coach Nicholas Muyoti

Team coordinator Samson Otieno hands Team manager Ronny Kagunzi his bottle at Ligi Ndogo grounds

Nairobi City Stars Physio Brian Otieno Odongo showing off his reusable bottle

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