July 10, 2020 Patrick

‘Chale’ at 86%, Buliba steady

Charles 'Chale' Otieno getting closer to full recuperation after months of rehab

Nairobi City Stars box to box master Charles Otieno Oduro aka Chale is now as good as fit after completing four months of attentive rehabilitation.  

A knee injury – a complex tear to the lateral meniscus – had seen Chale miss games in February and March.

As Chale gets clearance, defender Edwin Buliba who suffered a patella tendonitis and IT band syndrome back in February, is also getting closer to recovery.

The two have been undergoing weekly rehabilitation at the Muchatha Health Care, a renowned Physiotherapy & Sports injury clinic, since mid-March.

Brian Otieno Odongo has been keenly attending to the two, among others, and he gave his comments on their progress.

“Chale has highly improved and at the last stage of recovery. We grade his injury at 86% recovered.” said Brian Oduor who attended to him

Edwin Buliba

Edwin Buliba (left) in a past game against Nairobi Stima on Sat 14 Mar 2020

On Buliba he said; “He is still on rehab with an appreciated progress.” added Brian

Speaking to City Stars news desk, team coordinator Samson Otieno noted the progression of the players with glee.

“We are happy to see a number of players now leave the Doctor’s perch. And now we are down to the last two. By the time we kick off preseason we will have a fully fit squad.” said

In March, winger Jimmy Bageya, strikers Vincent ‘Jamaica’ Otieno and Ezekiel Odera, defender Wycliffe Otieno, keeper Levis Opiyo were all being treated for varied injuries. They are all fully healed.

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